All About GM Bumper Covers And How to Replace Them

Are you a GM owner with a damaged or broken bumper cover? This guide is for you. Here, you’ll learn all about what bumper covers are, how to replace them, and more.

What is a Bumper Cover?

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On the front and rear of your car, there’s a lightweight flexible plastic cover. The impact bar sits behind it. The flexible plastic part is the bumper cover. Its purpose is to absorb minor impacts if something hits your car or vice versa. This article explains the front and rear bumper cover in more detail: What is a Bumper Cover and Why is it Important on Your GM?

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your GM Bumper Cover

When your bumper cover breaks or gets damaged, you have two options: fix it or replace it. Replacing your bumper cover is the best option if it’s:

  • Cracked
  • Deeply scratched
  • Dented enough to damage the impact bar
  • Loose due to broken tabs or clips

To learn more about what kind of damage warrants a repair or replacement, check out this article: How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your GM Bumper Cover

How to Find an Affordable OEM Replacement Bumper Cover

There are two different types of places to buy a genuine OEM replacement bumper cover:

  • A GM dealership
  • An online OEM parts seller

Dealerships are notorious for marking up their prices by about 30%. If you look at the right place online, you can find a genuine OEM replacement bumper cover for a good price. We offer deep discounts for OEM replacement bumper covers built to fit a variety of GM models. Do a search on your GM vehicle or check out this list of our best sellers:

  • Part No. 23146557: For 2014-2016 Malibus
  • Part No. 92250666: For 2008-2009 G8s
  • Part No. 92169488: For 2004-2006 GTOs
  • Part No. 10242397: For 1993-1997 Firebirds
  • Part No. 21112465: For 2001-2002 SC1s and SC2s

How to Replace Your GM Bumper Cover

If you choose to have a dealership or repair shop do the job, they will usually require you to purchase a replacement bumper cover from them. Instead of paying a hefty markup on a replacement part and about $100 per hour for labor, you can look into replacing the bumper cover yourself. There are many model-specific tutorials floating around the web. If you own a Malibu, you’d benefit from our comprehensive bumper cover replacement tutorial: How to Replace Your Malibu’s Front Bumper Cover