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The 5 Coolest Cars With Cadillac 500 Engines

The Cadillac 500 engine is a rare engine that not many know about. Used throughout the 1970s, it initially debuted with 400 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque — however, those numbers would drop significantly. This 8.2L isn’t commonly used in builds, but when you do find one, it’s a unicorn of a project. Here are the five coolest Cadillac 500 engine builds.

Buick Powered By A Cadillac 500

This Cadillac 500 build puts out a jaw dropping 806 horsepower and 747 lb-ft of torque. It powers a Buick Regal that nips at 200 mph in the standing mile. It features a stock crankshaft, Scat 6.750” connecting rods, and JE forged pistons — build specifically for the 13.0:1 compression ratio engine. It also has a sizable camshaft and massive 1,050 cfm Holley carb. This build proves that the 500 is a beast of an engine that can handle tons of power on a stock block and crank.

Cadillac 500 engine

MTS-Built Cadillac 500

This modified engine is built by MTS and the whole build is featured on PowerBlockTV.

Some mods include:

  • Cam with .550-.590 valve lift range
  • 7.1 billet connecting rod set
  • 76cc aluminum heads
  • Single plane aluminum intake
  • Fully adjustable roller tipped shaft rocker system
  • Undersized main bearings
  • ARP main studs
  • Forged .030 pistons
  • Cloyes timing chain and gear set
  • Melling oil pump

Caddy 500 eng

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Dick Miller Torque Monster

This 541 cubic inch engine is based on a Cadillac 500 block. It makes 649 lb-ft of torque and 526 horsepower and has a fully built bottom end, top end, and sophisticated oiling system. As you can imagine, since it’s a Dick Miller build, no detail has been overlooked!

Engine cadillac 500

Nearly 10 Second Car Powered By Cadillac 500

This monster is powered by a 060 over 514 Cadillac, ported stock head castings with 2.19/1.84 valves, and forged 11.7 to 1 compression probe pistons. It has forged rods and a balanced bottom end, an Edelbrock performer intake, 850 speed demon carb, howards solid flat tappet cam 260@ .050, .642 lift @ valve on a 108 LSA, and roller rocker arms.

Cadillac 500 On A Dyno

Here’s an awesome opportunity to see one of these powerful beasts in action, sans car to power. Watch this 492 horsepower/572 ft-lb torque engine run through the RPMs on an engine dyno. Some of the mods include an MTS roller cam, tri-y ported heads, rebuilt O-Jet carb, Edelbrock intake, and MTS headers.