4 Of The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles Are Chevys - What To Do About It

A vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds in this country, and if you drive a Chevy, you’re more of a target than the driver parked next to you. According to Forbes.com, the Silverado, Impala, Malibu, and Cruze are all in the top 10 for most stolen vehicles of 2014 — so if you’re a Chevy owner, watch out! Here are some comprehensive tips on keeping your Chevy from falling into these bothersome statistics.

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Blk Impala sedan

Malibu 4dr sedan

Maroon Cruze sedan

Know Who You’re Dealing With

There are a few types of crooks who steal vehicles. They include:

The pros. These people are out to mess up your day. They account for the majority of car thieves and prefer popular, sporty, and expensive cars. These criminals usually take your car right to the chop shop where it’s stripped down for parts. They also steal cars and export them overseas for buyers (knowing or unknowing) looking for a specific model.

The joyrider. This type of car thief is looking to take your car out for a spin, with no real plan on keeping it — resulting in them ditching it somewhere before they are caught. Once you get your car back, expect it to have significant damage and missing items/parts.

The carjacker. This bold criminal will come right up to your window, force you out of the car, and take off with it. They usually aren’t interested in the car, but what you keep inside.

Steps To Prevent Theft

Just because they’re out there doesn’t mean you have to make it easy for them to steal your Chevy! Use these simple tips to keep your car under your possession only:

  • Keep your doors locked always. Parked or driving, it doesn’t matter - keep it locked up!
  • Never leave your keys in the car, even in your own garage — and never leave it running unattended.
  • Close the windows and sunroof when stopped.
  • Don’t tempt crooks with valuables in plain sight. If you have to bring along something with value, hide it.
  • Don’t leave the title and other important documents in the car. It could make it nearly impossible to prove theft if the crook has the title in their hands when they sell your vehicle overseas.
  • Avoid high crime areas and use alternate routes when traveling if an area is known for carjackings.
  • Park in well-lit areas and be especially cautious after dark.
  • Cover your VIN number with a card — crooks can use this to easily order a new key for your doors and ignition.
  • If confronted by a carjacker, remember that your life and safety are most important, your car can be replaced!
  • Make sure you have the proper coverage in the event of theft — if it does happen, you’ll be happy you upped your coverage!

Some of these may seem like common sense tips, but a lot of us get careless over time. Perhaps we’ve gone about our routine for a long time now and nothing has alerted us to danger — but that one time we want to leave the a/c running while we pop into the gas station for a soda is ALL it takes. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and protect your Chevy from criminals.