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The GMC Sierra 3500 is a full-ton pickup truck that is made for hard work. You will find this truck at construction sites, on the ranch and towing trailers or boats. This truck is part of the line of trucks that General Motors introduced in 1998 that replaced the popular C/K lineup of pickup trucks. 

You like the looks, the feel and the capabilities of your 3500, so you take great care of it by only using genuine OEM parts when you need to replace something, even wheels. You can find those parts at

  • Body - Because this truck is made for hard work, it is entirely possible that body parts are going to become damaged with use. You may end up with a dented door or a broken center console. Broken parts open up the body to rust or other corrosion. We carry both of those parts and more like the bumpers, hood, roof, cab assembly, all of your switches and clusters and the liftgate.
  • Emission System - Keeping the emissions down is part of the job of the emission system, and these parts can wear out over time due to heat and wear. You may need to replace the oxygen sensor or the MAP sensor. If these parts wear out, they send the wrong information to your engine, and you reduce your fuel economy. We have these parts and more like the vapor canister and purge valve.

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