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Whether you need it for passengers or you want to hang your ladders off the side of it, the GMC Savana 3500 is a full-sized, one-ton workhorse that is capable of both jobs. It was in production from 1996 until 2002, and it was built to take on tough jobs. 

When you service your Savana 3500, you make sure that you use genuine OEM parts to fix anything that is broken, and you buy them at

  • Exhaust System - Your exhaust system makes sure that you get the most from your fuel, and it is more than the muffler. Besides the muffler, there are sensors and pipes, as well as the manifold and gaskets. All of these parts are under extreme pressure and heat, which means that they can wear out. We offer these replacement parts and more like the converter, hangers, clamps and more.
  • Suspension - Without the suspension, your Savana 3500 will give you a really rough ride, so you need to ensure that your shocks and wheels are in good shape. These parts take a lot of abuse, so they can wear out. We have stabilizer bars, axles, knuckles, control arms and all the rest of the parts that will give you a smooth ride.

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