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The Chevy C3500 is a heavy-duty pickup truck from General Motors. It was built to provide owners with the ability to do more than they could with a medium duty truck, and it was designed for construction or ranch work where there was the need for more towing or hauling capacity. It is a one-ton truck with 2-wheel drive that was introduced in 1988. It is one of the bestselling trucks for GM. 

When you take care of your C3500, you use genuine OEM parts like those found at

  • Body - The body on your truck can take a beating, especially if you use it for work, and you want to replace bumpers or side mirrors should they become damaged. You will also want to replace the windshield, glove box, instrument panel or hood if they get broken. We can help you with those parts and more. We even carry replacement cab assemblies.
  • Cooling System - You have to keep your truck cool or it will not deliver the performance you need from it. By maintaining it, you keep the hoses and clamps in good working order. We have those parts and other parts like water pumps, fans, power steering oil cooler, thermostat and even the entire radiator.

When you buy parts from us, you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door, and the way we do that is through our price match guarantee, read the details here. Our helpful and empowered parts associates are happy to help you with your order.