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The full-sized luxury sedan by Cadillac carries the XTS model badge. It started production in 2013, and it is offered in either all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. It has a V6 3.6 liter engine and has all the luxury amenities that you would expect from Cadillac, which includes leather seats, power seats, dual zone climate control and keyless entry. 

You enjoy taking your family and friends out in your XTS, so you make sure that you do all of the regular maintenance that is recommended by General Motors. When you need to replace parts, you use genuine OEM parts like those at

  • Emission System - In order to keep your engine performing and your fuel economy in line, your emission system needs to be operating properly. That means that if a sensor goes bad or there is a leak in the system, your performance suffers. We can help because we carry replacement parts like vapor canisters, purge solenoids, MAP sensors and oxygen sensors.
  • Brakes - Taking care of your brakes is just part of your routine maintenance, but sometimes, parts like calipers might stick or rotors might become warped, and then you need to do more than change the brake pad. We carry the brake parts you need like the rotor, caliper, pads, master cylinder, brake lines and even parking brake parts.

When you order your XTS parts from us, you get helpful and empowered parts associates that get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door because we have a price match guarantee, read the details here.