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When it came to luxury, the Buick Riviera was considered the top of the Buick line. These are the corporate cars for executives and the affluent. The name Riviera means coastline in Latin and brings to mind the French Riviera. This vehicle was manufactured between 1963 and 1999, with a skip over the 1994 model year. 

You enjoy driving your Riviera, and you make sure that you only use genuine OEM replacement parts when you need to repair or replace a worn out part. You will find replacement parts at

  • Suspension - You expect your Riviera to ride smoothly, and if your shocks are starting to wear out, you might notice your ride is rougher than it should be. Shocks and struts can wear out over time, which means you will need to replace them. We carry these parts and stabilizer bars, drive axles, wheels and hubs.
  • Emission System - In order to keep pollutants down, the emission system works to make sure that all of your emissions are as clean as they can be before they are expressed into the atmosphere. Valves and sensors can wear out, which means that you may need to replace them. We have a PCV valve, ERG valve, vapor canister and more that fit your Riviera.

You get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door because we offer our price match guarantee on your order. Our helpful and empowered parts associates will be happy to order your parts for you.