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The 2016 Cadillac CTS is part of the third generation, but this generation puts the size closer to the STS. The 2016 model saw a change in the engine as Cadillac replaced the 6-speed with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a new V6. You do all of the recommended maintenances on your Cadillac, and when you need 2016 CTS parts, you buy OEM Cadillac parts since they last as long as the original parts.

- Alternator - If you notice your lights dimming, you may have a problem with your alternator. If it fails, your electrical system may not be able to hold a charge. We have batteries, alternators and fuses.

- Power Windows - The power windows in your vehicle make it easy to open and close the window. A bad motor will keep you from using your windows. We have replacement window parts like the regulator.

- Timing Belt - Your manufacturer has a set schedule for timing belt replacement because this part can wear out. If you do not change it, you can have significant engine damage. We have replacement timing belts and other belts.

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