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The 2010 Cadillac SRX is the first year in the second generation of SRXs, and it was completely redesigned on its own platform. You use this 5-door SUV for all of your travels, and the 6-speed auto transmission makes the daily commute just a bit more fun. You maintain your SRX by using genuine OEM Cadillac parts like those found at GMPartsCenter.net.

  • Door Handles - A bad door handle won't open the door, and you may not be able to lock the door. These parts include electrical components, so replace bad door handles as soon as you can. We carry door handles, doors, locks and windows.
  • Spark Plugs - If your spark plug is dirty, it prevents the engine from firing properly. It may miss or run poorly. As part of a regular tune-up, change the spark plugs. We have spark plugs, fuel injectors and other engine parts.
  • Oxygen Sensors - A bad oxygen sensor can cause your engine to run too lean or too rich. This part gets hot and can fail, causing poor engine performance. We carry oxygen sensors, valves and other engine parts.

At GMPartsCenter.net, we have an experienced parts staff that's standing by, ready to assist you. We use VIN verification to ensure order accuracy and get the lowest total price shipped to your door. Buy your Cadillac SRX parts today.