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OEM 2007 Buick Lucerne Parts - Select Trim & Engine

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The 2007 Buick Lucerne is a full-sized sedan that's the top of the line for Buick. It enjoyed good sales in 2007, and you still use yours to take the family out for dinner or to escort clients around town. When you replace any of the parts on it, use genuine OEM Buick parts for an exact fit replacement part.    

  • Door Handles - Without the door handles, it would be hard to get into your car. Door handles are very tough, but that doesn't mean they'll never need to be replaced. We carry door handles, door locks and even the entire door for your vehicle.
  • Spark Plugs - The spark plugs need to be changed at some point in the history of your vehicle. They can become clogged and stop sparking as they should. Your Lucerne engine's performance will suffer if they aren't changed. We have these and other tune-up parts.
  • Oxygen Sensors - The oxygen sensor is responsible for ensuring the exhaust has the right amount of air in it, and if it goes bad, you might notice your check engine light illuminates. We have all of your replacement sensors.

At, we offer a price match guarantee on genuine GM parts, so you get the lowest total price shipped to your door. We also have a no-hassle return policy. Order your new Lucerne parts here.