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OEM 1999 Buick Century Parts

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The 1999 Buick Century is a member of the fourth generation Buick Regal and was relatively unchanged in body style for this year. When you need 1999 Century parts, you buy OEM Buick parts because these parts are made to last as long as the original parts.

  • Thermostats - The thermostat regulates the temperature in your engine, and should this part fail, you may notice your engine temperature climbing. Replace this or run the risk of damaging your engine. We have thermostats, water pumps and fans.
  • Air Filters - The air filters keep fresh air flowing into your engine. This filter lasts a long time, but if you live in a dusty area or do a lot of highway driving, you may need to replace this more often. We have air filters, oil filters and transmission filters.
  • Door Handles - The door handle will last a long time, but should you need to replace yours, we carry handles, armrests and other door parts.

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