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OEM 1985 Buick Century Parts

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The 1985 Buick Century is a fifth generation member that was available in a few body styles like a sedan or a station wagon. It was equipped with your choice of engine and transmission combinations and trim packages. When you need new 1985 Century parts, then it is easy to get the right part when you order OEM Buick parts. These parts will be exact fit replacement parts that never need to be modified in order to get them to fit.

  • Power Windows - The power windows in your vehicle make it easy to open and close the window, and a bad window motor may keep them from moving. We have replacement window parts for your vehicle.
  • Oxygen Sensor - If your engine is running too lean, your oxygen sensor may be failing. This sensor helps your engine balance the amount of oxygen in the burned fuel. We carry oxygen sensors, manifolds and other exhaust parts.
  • Fuel Pump - If you notice your engine running rough like it is not getting fuel but your gas gauge reads full, your fuel pump may be failing. We have replacement pumps, tanks and fuel lines.

Our experienced parts staff is standing by ready to answer any of your Buick questions. The will do free parts lookups for you and use VIN verification to ensure order accuracy. Buy now.