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The Oldsmobile Omega was a compact car that General Motors introduced in 1973 and retired in 1984. It was built on the X platform and was originally designed with muscle car good looks. 

When you take care of your Omega, you use genuine OEM replacement parts any time that you need to do a repair. We have Omega replacement parts in stock at

  • Suspension - Because it is a passenger car, you expect a smooth ride from it as you drive down the road. A bad spring or shock can cause the vehicle to feel like it is riding on the road instead of above it. In order to keep from doing further damage the suspension, you need to replace shocks as they wear out. We have replacement shocks, springs, hubs, axles and other suspension parts.
  • Emission System - To get the best fuel mileage from your Omega, every part in the emission system needs to be operating at par. A bad sensor or valve can keep your engine from getting the most from the fuel it burns. As soon as you replace a worn part with a new OEM part, you will get the performance GM designed for the car. We have replacement valves, sensors, filters and more.

At, we offer the lowest total price shipped direct to your door. Our helpful and empowered parts associates will ensure that you get our price match guarantee with every order (read the details here). Use our online ordering system to get your genuine Omega parts today.