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How To Replace A Transfer Case

If your GM vehicle has 4WD or AWD, it has a transfer case. GM builds its transfer cases to be sturdy parts, but they can fail over time. If you’ve determined that your transfer case is no longer good, it’s time to replace it.

If you’re here, you may have a few questions, like:

  • Can I replace my transfer case at home?
  • How do I replace my transfer case?
  • Where do I find a good deal on an OEM transfer case?

This guide has all the answers you need. You can replace your transfer case at home. We’ll provide an overview of the replacement process in this post.

Finding An OEM Transfer Case At Aftermarket Pricing

Transfer case installed

Before starting the transfer case replacement process, you need a new transfer case on hand. OEM transfer cases offer so much more value than aftermarket transfer cases for the reasons listed in this post. To sum it up:

  • OEM transfer cases are brand new, and will last a long time
  • Aftermarket transfer cases don’t always come quality components, and may not last long
  • All OEM GMC transfer cases come with a 3-year or 100K mile warranty
  • Aftermarket manufacturers rarely warranty their parts

If you’re looking for an OEM replacement transfer case, look no further than our online shop. We carry genuine OEM GMC parts. We offer the lowest total transaction prices you’ll find online. We also offer same-day shipping, so you’ll get your replacement transfer case in no time.

Look up your GMC model in our catalog of OEM transfer cases to find the right part number for your car!

A General List of Tools You’ll Need To Replace Your Transfer Case

The set of tools you’ll need to replace the transfer case depends on your GM model. We can still provide a general list of tools you’ll need, regardless of which model you have.

  • Work light
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Transmission jack
  • Socket set
  • Box end wrenches

It’s also wise to wear personal protective equipment during the replacement process. We recommend wearing:

  • Safety glasses
  • Latex gloves
  • Closed toe shoes

A General Overview Of Replacing Your Transfer Case

Open transfer case

The transfer case replacement process differs slightly between various GM models. We recommend finding a comprehensive tutorial that’s specific to your GMC model. We can provide an overview of how to replace a transfer case, though. It may help you determine whether it’s something you can handle doing at home.

  1. Lift up the front of the vehicle and then prop it up with jack stands.
  2. Disconnect the transfer case from the following parts:
    1. Front and rear driveshafts
    2. Any wiring harnesses
    3. Speedometer cable (if present)
    4. Shift lever linkage (if present)
    5. Vent hose
    6. Transfer case support member
    7. Transmission adapter
  3. Lower the transfer case with the transmission jack and then remove it.
  4. Install the new transfer case in the reverse order of removal.

Important Tips

Replacing the transfer case will take a couple of hours, and it's a heavy part. It’s important to go in knowing exactly what to do and how to do it right. We have some tips for you:

  • To remove the driveshafts, you may want box end wrenches. Sockets do not always fit.
  • Spray all bolts and nuts to be removed with penetrating oil.
  • Rent or borrow a transmission jack from an auto parts store. With a friend helping, it's possible to do the job without a transmission jack, but it's risky.
  • Be sure to put the jack stands on the jack points, not the vehicle’s body. This may be obvious, but some people still do this.
  • Depending on the vehicle, you may need four jack stands to create enough room.
  • Have new fluid on hand for your new transfer case.

Do you have any questions about finding a replacement transfer case for your GM vehicle? Feel free to contact us!