10 Head Turning Chevy C10 Trucks

GM introduced the C10 half-ton pickup truck in the 60s. This era is host to some of the slickest looking trucks made. Here are ten sharp C10s that will have you drooling.

Headturning C10 1

This jet black C10 is a timeless beauty. With a lowering kit and new wheels, it boasts the best in classic and modern styling.

Headturning C10 2

Slammed is the word for this 1967 Chevy C10. It’s also rocking some interesting concave wheels to make it stand out.

Headturning C10 3

Do a double take when you scope out this truck because it’s different. At first the paint looks factory, but that’s not quite the case. The color is one of most unique we’ve seen in a while. Its main color is a custom Cyber Gray that makes this truck look sick.

Headturning C10 4

It doesn’t take heavy modifications to make a C10 awesome, just a little care and maintenance. That’s true for this 1986 that’s low-frills. Just a drop kit and wheels, and it’s paint and body lines fill in the rest.

Headturning C10 5

Powered by a monster 555 cube crate engine, this C10 is one bad machine! The build includes a lot of upgrades, both inside and out.

Headturning C10 6

Stunningly blue and dropped, this C10 is a looker. It’s flawless with just the right amount of chrome and nice wheels — a real attention grabber!

Headturning C10 7

This awesome restoration mod will make anyone want to start their own C10 project. It’s sporting some tasteful mods that highlight the classic design, with a modern touch.

Headturning C10 8

Breaking the mold from the rest of the list, this lifted C10 is quite the beast. The all chrome suspension and huge tires are a start. This mean C10 is also powered by a 383 stroker engine.

Headturning C10 9

Check out this beauty! A customized 1969 C10 with a brilliant orange paint job with black accents, it sits on Forgeline wheels and a lowered suspension.

Headturning C10 1

What a truly unique truck -  it’s completely stock. It’s so rare to see a stock C10 in good shape, we have to give this one major props!

We hope these trucks inspired you. Maybe you’re ready to do something extreme with your project truck. Or maybe leaving it stock works best for you.