GM Parts for DIY Car Maintenance

June 09, 2014

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It’s happened once again- an otherwise pleasant commute has now been ruined by the dreaded illumination of that Check Engine indicator on your GM dashboard. As you approach your destination, you run through the list of the possible engine troubles that could be plaguing your car this time. It feels like your car was just at the shop, and already it’s time to take her in again.

Even routine maintenance can be a drag when it means leaving your car at the shop for a day or more at a time. Few of us can afford to go without our wheels for that long, especially during a busy workweek, not to mention the cost of repairs. So how can you keep your car in clean working order without missing too many days on the road and emptying your piggy bank completely?

Do-it-yourself vehicle maintenance is a great way to become better acquainted with the workings of your GM vehicle while saving time and money. Often times, the worst thing about a visit to the mechanic is how quickly the costly hours of labor can add up, making even a routine part replacement into a total headache. By taking regular maintenance into your own hands, labor only costs you a few hours of your own time.

If you rely on your vehicle to get you to work during the week, surely you’ve often lamented the fact that your local GM auto mechanic isn’t open for business on weekends. With DIY oil changes, brake pads, and other fluid and filter replacements, you can complete standard car repairs and maintenance when it’s convenient for you, without the wait.

DIY also means you can address your car’s needs as quickly as you need to, without waiting for your mechanic’s schedule to clear up enough to fit you in. All you need to make it happen is your vehicle’s repair manual and a reliable online parts provider. With the help of GM Parts Center, you can find all the parts you need to keep your GM car in good working order online with the click of your mouse. Most of our parts are available to ship within 48 hours, so you can fix-it-yourself fast.

Even if you prefer to steer clear changing your oil, much less any other routine maintenance and parts replacement, you can still benefit from an extensive online catalog of GM parts right at your fingertips. If you know your car’s make, model, year, or VIN, you are one step closer to finding the right part at the right price to make your repair. Time to Check Engine? Don’t sweat it! DIY!