15 C4 Corvettes That Definitely Need New Tires

The C4 Corvette is one bad machine. Equipped with either the LT1 or LT4, these cars have some serious tire burning power. To prove this sentiment, here are 15 C4 Corvettes roasting their tires into oblivion.

Corvette burnout 1

This red C4 Corvette is making clouds.

Corvette burnout 2

Everyone stopped to notice this blue C4 roasting the tires.

Corvette burnout 3

Is this C4 doing a burnout or fogging for mosquitos?

Corvette burnout 4

Nothing is on fire, but it’s smart to have that fire extinguisher on hand.

Corvette burnout 5

Don’t mess with this C4 - it looks like trouble!

Corvette burnout 6

This C4 Corvette is getting ready to race.

Corvette burnout 7

This C4 Corvette means business.

Corvette burnout 8

While you can barely see it, there’s a C4 under there somewhere.

Corvette burnout 9

This C4 Corvette is leaving its mark.

Corvette burnout 10

Sometimes all you need is a C4 Corvette, the open road, and roasty tires.

Corvette burnout 11

These tires are being melted down to liquid.

Corvette burnout 12

This gorgeous ZR-1 is getting ready to make a pass.

Corvette burnout 13

When in doubt, do a burnout!

Corvette burnout 14

Look at the smoke coming off those meaty tires.

Corvette burnout 15

Just blowing off some steam!

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