Buick Regal Tour X vs. Subaru Outback

This year, Buick joined the crossover wagon game with the Regal TourX. Our friends at SubaruPartsPlus.com created this comparison chart that pits the Regal TourX against the Subaru Outback. They shared it with us, so we could have our say too.

Of course, we’re biased. We think the Buick has nicer lines and an interior that makes daily driving feel like a luxury. (And some Buicks are our favorite collectibles, too.)

Admittedly, Subaru has had years of experience with these wagons and has a proven go-anywhere drivetrain, but the new Buick has some impressive features.

Even using the base model for comparison, the Regal TourX blows the doors off the Outback. Just look at the horsepower and torque, and you’ll see the Buick delivers on performance. It can go from 0 to 60 almost 3 seconds quicker than the Subaru Outback. Here's the complete chart: 

Regal Outback comparison chart

The Regal TourX is still in its first generation. We do hope future models will have greater ground clearance and better off-road handling because this is a wagon we’d be proud to take anywhere.

You can see SubaruPartsPlus.com’s take on the comparison chart results here.