Some of the Best Chevy Truck Ads of All Time

The Chevy truck is an American hero. Rich with heritage, these trucks have made quite an impression on drivers over the years. To celebrate their legacy, here are some of the coolest Chevy trucks ads.

Chevy truck ad 4

Going all the way back to October 1950, this is one of the earliest Chevy truck ads.

Chevy truck ad 1

This ad celebrates the 1975 4-wheel drive from Chevy. It reminds us that Chevy holds its value and earns its keep!

Chevy truck ad 2

The only way to see the USA is in a Chevy truck. This ad also reminds us (in the chart) that Chevy trucks last.

Chevy truck ad 3

Taking us back to the early days of the S-10, this ad reminds us why the Chevy S-10 was made.

Chevy truck ad 5

From inception to today, Chevy has offered a versatile lineup.

Chevy truck ad 6

Even as styling became more important, Chevy trucks still worked hard. This ad is from the iconic Like A Rock campaign.

Chevy truck ad 7

Who’s ready for the apocalypse? If you have a Chevy truck, you’re going to be better off!

Chevy truck ad 8

This ad from the American Revolution campaign introduces the new 2007 Silverado.

Chevy truck ad 9

The Silverado dominates and is right at home on the worksite.

Chevy truck ad 10

When it’s true, you might as well just come out and say it. Chevy trucks are the best out there.

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