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In 1992, Saturn introduced the SC to the world. This was their 2-door sport coupe that had been designed for those who love to drive. It was given a small suicide door in 1999, which made it easy for drivers to get things from behind the seats and for passengers to exit. These cars were manufactured in Spring Hill, Tennessee and were popular in both the United States and Canada. 

You like driving your SC, and you make sure that you always use genuine OEM parts any time you need to replace a worn out part. carries SC parts.

  • Fuel System - The fuel pump sends the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, and along the way, it passes through lines and a filter. If any of things are not operating properly, you may have to replace them. The fuel filter should be changed at some point, and we have the filter for your SC. We also have fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel lines, filler tubes and filler caps..
  • Engine - Even though you maintain your engine, once it gets old, parts will start to wear out. While you may never need to change a valve cover, it is nice to know that we carry them for you. We also have other engine parts like camshafts, oil pans, oil pumps, mounts, gasket, cylinders and bearings.

Our price match guarantee (read the details here) means that you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door by our helpful and empowered parts associates.