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The Saturn LW300 started as the LW2 model until 2001 when it was renamed. It is the base model sedan with power windows, mirrors, locks and fog lights. It has a V6 engine rather than the base 4-cylinder and was given an automatic transmission. It came in either a four-door sedan or a five-door station wagon. 

You like your LW300 because it is fuel-efficient and there is room for everyone in it. You take good care of it by doing all the regular maintenance on it, and you use genuine OEM replacement parts any time you need to fix something. carries LW300 replacement parts.

  • Exhaust System - All of the fuel that your LW300 burns has to go somewhere, and that means that it must pass through the exhaust system before it is released into the atmosphere. The muffler and pipes are metal, and they can rust or corrode over time, which leads to a lot of noise from your vehicle. We can help you replace those parts, as well as the manifold, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, gaskets and heat shield.
  • Transmission - The transmission works to shift gears when you accelerate, and after time, the transmission can start to wear out. You might need to replace the filter, or you could need to replace the entire transmission. We have parts for your automatic or manual transmission in stock.

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