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Saturn introduced the LW200 to the public in 1999, and it was originally known as the LS1 and came with an automatic transmission and power windows. It also had heated mirrors and keyless entry. This was a step up from the base model, and it was a popular, economical, mid-sized sedan. 

You drive your LW200 because you still get great gas mileage, and in order to keep it that way, you maintain the fluids and filters. Anytime you need to replace a part, you use a genuine OEM replacement part like those at

  • HVAC - You do not want to drive your LW200 when you cannot get comfortable in the driver’s seat, and a worn out air conditioner or heater can keep you uncomfortable. Compressors and heaters do wear out over time, so if that happens, you need to replace it right away. We have those parts and more like condenser, evaporator, belts, pulleys and more.
  • Maintenance - Taking care of your LW200 is a priority, so you change the oil and oil filter at regular intervals. You also should change the fuel, transmission and air filters regularly to keep them from becoming clogged shut. You may even need to replace the oil pan, belts and pulleys. We have those parts and more like gaskets and seals.

When you order your parts from, you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door because we have a price match guarantee, read the details here. Additionally, you get quick order processing- same day shipping in most cases.