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The Chevrolet V30 is part of the lineup of trucks that were designed for work but given a passenger car suspension. The C/K truck series from General Motors spanned the years between 1960 and 2002. These trucks were designed to be tough and the perfect match for the construction worker or the person who needed to haul lawn debris to the landfill. 

When you maintain your V30, you make sure that you always use genuine OEM parts like those found at

  • Fuel System - You count on your fuel pump to get the fuel from the tank to your engine, and you make sure that you change the fuel filter when needed. Most fuel system parts are going to last the entire life of your vehicle, but if you leave your filler cap at the gas station, you will need to replace it. We have replacement caps, filler pipes, fuel lines, cruise control parts and more.
  • Cooling System - If the water and coolant mixture coming from your radiator to your engine is not cooling down, you run the risk of overheating your engine, and that can be expensive. Your fan may not be blowing cool air on the water, and we can help. We have replacement fans, fan motors, water pumps, thermostats and more cooling parts.

When you order from us, you get helpful and empowered parts associates that are ready to get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door through our price match guarantee, read the details here.