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The Chevrolet Sprint or Sprint Metro is also known as the Suzuki Swift. It is a subcompact car that is either a three-door hatchback or a five-door hatchback. It has a three-cylinder engine and is considered a basic car that offers efficient fuel use and general transportation. 

You take care of your Sprint by doing all the required maintenance on it and using genuine OEM replacement parts whenever you need to fix something worn out. carries Sprint parts.

  • HVAC - When the interior of your Sprint is too hot or too cold, you may have a problem with the heating and air conditioning system. Compressors wear out, which can cause the air to stop working. If you need to replace any of the HVAC parts, we can help. We stock compressors, condensers, heaters and other components.
  • Steering - The power steering in your vehicle helps you turn corners and makes it easy to drive on winding roads. When the power steering is not working, you need to put a lot of muscle into turning your car. We can help you fix a broken steering system. In addition to power steering pumps, we also have steering wheels, columns and linkage.

Our helpful and empowered parts associates are ready to get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door. You can be sure that you are getting the lowest price because we have a price match guarantee, read the details here.