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The Chevrolet R30 is a pickup truck from General Motors. These trucks were heavy-duty and made for working construction sites and farms. The bed can be modified with compartments that open from the outside of the bed, which allows for easy access to tools and equipment. This makes it a perfect choice for a plumber or an electrician. These trucks make a good fleet truck for a business. 

When you take care of the maintenance on your R30, you use genuine OEM replacement parts like those found at

  • Fuel System - If your engine is not firing, you may have a problem in the fuel system. A faulty fuel pump can stop the fuel from being sent from the tank to the engine. We can help you replace a bad fuel pump, as well as have replacement fuel tanks, filler tubes, gas caps and fuel filters.
  • Brakes - Maintaining your brakes is one of the most important maintenance procedures you can do on your R30. We carry replacement master cylinders, shoes, pads, lines, rotors and more.
  • Maintenance - When you need to change the oil and oil filter on your truck, use genuine OEM parts. We have oil filters, fuel filters, transmission filters and air filters for your R30.

When you order your replacement parts from us, you get our helpful and empowered parts associates ready to get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door and quick order processing – same day shipping in most cases.