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Starting in 1990, the Prizm was manufactured as a Geo, but in 1998, Chevrolet took over production and continued to produce them until 2002. They were a compact car that was only sold in the United States and replaced the Nova in 1988. These vehicles were available as a sedan or a wagon hatchback.

When you take care of your Prizm, you make sure that you use genuine OEM replacement parts like those found at

  • Front Drive Axle - The drive axle turns the wheels on your Prizm, and if something happens to the parts on it, your wheels will be unable to turn. It is not uncommon for boots or joints to wear out over time. We have the boots, CV joints, axle assembly and other parts that will keep the wheels turning on your vehicle.
  • Maintenance - There is more to your car’s maintenance than changing the oil. We have replacement gaskets, pulleys, belts and filters for your Prizm.
  • Transmission - Whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission in your Prizm, the transmission has to be cared for or you will not be able to shift gears. For the most part, the transmission needs little maintenance. Although, you do need to ensure that you have clean filter and fluid in it. Should something go wrong, we carry parts for either transmissions and even carry replacement transmissions.

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