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The P30 from Chevrolet is a larger step van like those used to transport kids to school in the smaller buses or those that are used by church groups or recreational groups. These vans are used by commercial, non-commercial and government entities. They are also used as ambulances when a larger vehicle is needed. 

The P30 is important to your employment, so you take great care of it by changing the oil and oil filter regularly. You use genuine OEM replacement parts like those found at

  • HVAC - The comfort of your passengers is a concern when you transport people in your P30, so you want the air conditioner and the heater to be operating as GM intended. You can make sure that the system is working by doing regular maintenance on it. If you should need to replace a condenser or compressor, we can help you. Additionally, we have heaters, hoses, pulleys, vaporizers and other HVAC parts.
  • Emission System - It is important that the emission system in your P30 is up to EPA standards, so if you find that a sensor is not operating properly, you need to replace it. We carry parts like the oxygen sensor, EGR valve, M.A.P. sensor and vapor canister.

When you order your P30 parts from us, you get helpful and empowered parts associates who are ready to give you quick order processing – same day shipping in most cases – and the lowest total price shipped direct to your door.