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The Chevrolet Lumina has been on several body styles like the minivan, sedan and coupe, but no matter what the body style, it has been a popular model. It was introduced in 1989 on a four-door sedan where it replaced the Celebrity. The coupe version replaced the Monte Carlo and the minivan version was a new model and a replacement for the station wagon. 

No matter which body style your Lumina is, it suits you and your family, and you take extra care to ensure that you use genuine OEM replacement parts when you do your repairs and maintenance. carries parts for all body styles.

  • Steering - Without power steering, it is tough to steer your Lumina, so if you find it difficult to turn, you may need to check the fluid or replace a few parts. Pumps can go bad and hoses can spring leaks. We have those parts and more like the shroud, steering column, steering wheel and linkage.
  • Body - Keeping the outside of your Lumina in good shape means that if something is damaged, you replace it. Should a mirror get broken, you put a new one on. We carry all types of body parts for your vehicle, so you can replace the mirror, trim pieces, hoods, fenders, bumpers, controls and instrument warning stickers if needed.

You get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door by using our price match guarantee read the details here. You also get quick order processing – same day shipping in most cases when you order from us.