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The K3500 Chevrolet truck comes with four-wheel-drive and has a one-ton capacity. This truck can be found at construction sites or ranches where they do double duty when it comes to hauling and towing. It is the perfect vehicle for towing the horses to the show or the construction trailer to the job site. These trucks come from a long line of General Motors’ trucks that rolled off the assembly line in 1960. 

When you maintain your truck, you use genuine OEM replacement parts because your truck is a main part of your business. You can get replacement parts for it at

  • Suspension - Your truck rides like a passenger car, and that is because of the suspension system in it. If you start to notice a rougher ride, you may need to replace a shock or a control arm. We have those parts and more like stabilizer bars, hubs, bearings, ball joints and knuckles.
  • Exhaust - When you burn fuel in your vehicle, it escapes into the atmosphere through the exhaust system. That is where you will find more than the pipes and muffler. You will also find the manifold and the converter. If you need to replace any of these parts, we can help.
  • Maintenance - You change the oil and oil filter at regular intervals. We have those parts, as well as transmission filters, fuel filters, air filters, pulleys and belts for your K3500.

The helpful and empowered parts associates at are ready to get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door through our price match guarantee, read the details here.