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The G20 from Chevrolet was produced between 1964 and 1996, and it was a full-sized van that came equipped with six-lug wheels and ball joints that came from a three-quarter ton truck. It was built to withstand a lot of heavy-duty use. It is still popular with all types of commercial applications like caterers or electricians. 

Your G20 is the most important piece of business equipment you own, so you make sure that you take great care of it. carries genuine OEM parts for your van.

  • Body - Because the G20 is a work van, the body stands a good chance of becoming damaged, so if you are missing a side mirror or a piece of trim, you should replace it. Bumpers can get dented and glass can get broken, and we carry the replacement parts you need to ensure the integrity of your van. We also have doors, roofs, frames, trim pieces and replacement consoles.
  • Electrical - When you think of electrical issues, you may just think of the battery, but there are many other parts that make up the electrical system in your G20. You may have a distributor or ignition go bad. Your horn may stop working, or your parking lamps may burn out. Those are also part of the electrical system. We carry all of those parts and more like the antenna, alternator, air bag components and more.

When you order from us, our helpful and empowered parts associates will get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door by using our price match guarantee, read the details here.