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The Chevrolet City Express vans are perfect for church groups or small businesses. There’s a lot of room in the back for tools and equipment. Taking care of it is easy when you do all of the regular maintenance that GM recommends. Even so, you may need to replace a part, and it’s best to use exact fit replacement OEM GM parts like those sold at

  • Air Filters – The engine has to breathe, and the air filter makes sure the air it gets is cleaned of dirt and debris. We carry these filters and others like the fuel filter, oil filter and transmission filter.
  • Fuel Pumps – The fuel pump sends the gas from your Chevy van’s tank to its engine. If your engine is stalling, it may not be getting enough gas due to a failing fuel pump. We have replacement pumps, lines, filler tubes and tanks.
  • Starters – The starter engages when you turn the key, and a failing starter won’t make the connection that sends the information to the ignition system. We have replacement starters, alternators and other electrical parts.

When you buy your Genuine Chevrolet parts from us, you get parts that are made to meet the standards of GM. They are exact fit and built to last. We offer a price match guarantee on genuine GM parts, so you get the lowest total price shipped to your door. Buy your new Chevrolet City Express parts now.