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The Chevrolet Chevette was in production from 1975 until 1987, and it came in a three-door or five-door hatchback that made it a great little car for running errands. It was considered an entry-level subcompact vehicle, and it was great on fuel economy. 

You take care of your Chevette by using genuine OEM replacement parts any time that you need to fix something on it. You can find those genuine parts at

  • Body - Dents and dings happen, but if you get a large dent in a body part, you want to replace it in order to keep the integrity of the vehicle. From fenders to interior trim, most parts are made to protect other parts, so when one part is gone, other parts are subject to wear. If you need to replace a bumper or a floor console, we can help. We also have liftgates, luggage carriers, doors and cowls.
  • Brakes - Changing the brakes in your Chevette ensures that you will always be able to stop when needed. While most brake maintenance includes the pads or the calipers, you may need to replace a rotor or a leaking brake line. We carry those parts and all the other brake parts for your vehicle like the brake pressure warning switch, boosters, master cylinders and even parking brake components.

At, you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door because our helpful and empowered parts associates offer you a price match guarantee, read the details here.