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In 2013, General Motors designed a luxury hybrid plug in began selling it under the Cadillac ELR moniker. The ELR helps you save money, be environmentally responsible, and arrive in luxury and style. Maintain this car by using genuine OEM GM parts when you need a replacement part.

  • Air Filters –Keep the air clean as it passes through to the engine by changing old air filters regularly. We stock this filter and others like the oil, fuel and transmission filter.
  • Fuel Pumps – The fuel pump sends the gas from the tank to the engine, and while this is a hardy part, there may come a time when it fails. Replace it with a genuine Cadillac part. We have the fuel pumps, filters, lines and more.
  • Starters – If you turn the key and your Cadillac ELR doesn’t start, it might be time for a new starter. We can help. We have this part and other electrical parts.

No matter what part you need, we have an experienced parts staff that uses VIN verification to ensure order accuracy. You get the parts you need to fit your vehicle. Order your new genuine Cadillac parts today.