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The Buick Skyhawk was produced between 1974 and 1989, and started as an entry-level vehicle with two doors and a hatchback. It started out as a sub-compact, but then became classified as a compact once the four-door model became available during the second generation. 

You still drive your Skyhawk because it gets excellent gas mileage and is sporty to drive and park. You take care to do all the oil changes and replace belts when needed. carries genuine OEM replacement parts for your Skyhawk.

  • HVAC - If you are too hot during the summer while driving your Skyhawk, you may have a problem with the air conditioner. Condensers and compressors can go bad and need to be replaced. We carry those parts, as well as blower motors and fans, heaters, controls and all the switches and sensors that keep the interior of your vehicle controlled.
  • Cooling System - The engine of your vehicle must be kept cool because if it overheats, you run the risk of destroying it. The water pump must be able to send recycled water through the system in order to keep it cool. If you have a bad pump or a hole in a hose, your engine can overheat. We carry all the cooling parts you need like the water pump, thermostat, fan, belt and hoses.

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