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The Buick Roadmaster started out in 1936 and was produced until 1958, and then it was reintroduced in 1991 and continued until 1996. It is a full-sized vehicle built on the longest platform that GM has that is not a limousine platform and came in both a four-door and a five-door wagon. It was the flagship of Buick, and it was filled with luxurious amenities like a sunroof. 

Whether you have the station wagon or the sedan, you know how classy the Roadmaster is, so you take good care of your vehicle. You use genuine OEM replacement parts like those found at

  • Steering - You expect your Roadmaster to turn corners with ease, and if it does not, there could be a problem with your power steering pump. The hose may have sprung a leak or a belt could have stretched out of shape. We can help by providing you with replacement parts for your power steering. We also have steering linkage, wheels and columns.
  • Suspension - One of the great things about your Roadmaster is how it rides down the road. If you are feeling every bump in the road or your car shakes, you may have a shock that is wearing out or an axle that is going bad. We carry those parts and more like control arms, wheels, hubs, bearings, shocks and bushings.

When you have our helpful and empowered parts associates help you order your Roadmaster parts, you get quick order processing – same day shipping in most cases - and the lowest total price shipped direct to your door.