OEM 2016 Buick Encore Parts - Select Trim & Engine

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The 2016 Buick Encore is part of the first generation of these subcompact crossover SUVs that are nimble and economical. They need replacement parts like all other vehicles, so make sure you use genuine Chevrolet parts for exact fit replacement parts. Genuine OEM GM parts like those sold at GMPartsCenter.net are made to the factory specifications for optimal performance.

  • Air Filters – Change the air filter regularly in order or your engine to breathe clean, fresh air. Without it, your SUV loses fuel efficiency and the engine runs rough. We carry replacement air filters for your Encore, as well as oil and transmission filters.
  • Fuel Pumps – If your engine starts to stall, a failing fuel pump may be the problem. We have replacement fuel pumps that are exact fits. We also carry fuel tanks, filler pipes, fuel lines and gas tanks.
  • Starters – When the starter is going bad, your Encore will be hard to start. Replace it with a genuine OEM GM part.  We also have alternators, ignitions and other electrical parts.

When you buy your replacement parts from us, you get no hassle returns, VIN verification to ensure order accuracy and the lowest total price shipped to your door. Buy your Encore parts now.