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The 2014 Cadillac XTS was the second year of this full-sized luxury sedan from GM. It’s loaded with amenities and was built to replace both the STS and the DTS, so it has all of the Seville and Deville characteristics and handsome styling. When you need new parts for your XTS, you only buy OEM Cadillac parts like those sold here.

  • Belts - The belts in your XTS are made to keep all of the parts moving in harmony, but belts can stretch out and need to be replaced. We have replacement belts, hoses, filters and other routine maintenance parts for your Cadillac.
  • Brake Pads – A new set of brake pads will keep your brakes working at their best. Pads get hot and wear down, so replace them at regular intervals. At the same time, check the rotors and calipers for wear. We have all of your GM brake parts.
  • Water Pumps – Without the water pump, the coolant in your radiator would never make it to your engine. If the water pump starts to fail, you might notice a rise in engine temperature. Replace the pump right away or run the risk of damaging your engine.

At GMPartsCenter.net, we sell genuine OEM GM parts that are made to be exact fit replacement parts for your Cadillac XTS. When you need new parts, we offer the lowest total price shipped to your door. We use VIN verification to ensure order accuracy and have a no hassle return policy. Buy GM parts here.