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The 2009 Cadillac DTS is a 4-door sedan with front seat coolers and blind spot sensors. Your Cadillac DTS offers extra safety and luxury features, but the driving is the best part. This car almost waltzes along the highway. When you need new parts for your DTS, buy genuine OEM Cadillac parts. These parts are optimized to meet the standards of GM and will perform to the factory specifications.

  • Air Filters – When your engine takes in air from outside, it needs an effective air cleaner or run the risk of getting pollutants into the engine. A clogged air filter will keep your engine from breathing. Replace this filter regularly. We have air filters, oil filters and other maintenance items. 
  • Fuel Pumps – Your fuel pump takes the fuel from the gas tank and sends it to the engine by way of fuel lines. A fuel pump that’s failing may not always get the gas to your engine.  We stock fuel pumps, fuel lines, fuel filters and other fuel system parts.
  • Starters – If you turn the key to start your car and it doesn’t start, you may have a bad starter. These are mechanical parts that do wear out over time. We have starters and other ignition parts.

At GMPartsCenter.net, we give you the lowest total price because we give you a price match guarantee on genuine GM parts. We have a no hassle return policy, so buy with confidence. Shop for Cadillac DTS parts here.